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Rayconn Electronics Co., Ltd.

LED track lights, recessed LED downlights, LED gimbal spotlights, LED pendant lights, surface mounted LED can lights

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  • Phone: +86 755 23503266
  • Fax: +86 755 23503199
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    6F, Bldg. 6, HKC Industrial Park, 2nd Gongye Road, Shiyan, Baoan, Shenzhen, Guangdong, China
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Company Profile
Rayconn Electronics specializes in commercial and retail lighting and manufactures a full palette of options to address the need for a flexible, energy efficient, future-proof lighting system. Rayconn's quality line of LED luminaires include track accent, track wall wash, recessed downlights, gimbal spotlights, pendant lights, surface mounted can lights, and LED light modules. Designed to create an inspiring and comfortable atmosphere and a meaningful experience that goes beyond shopping, Rayconn's LED lighting solutions offer innovative technologies, unparalleled flexibility and outstanding reliability with no design compromises while maximizing efficiency.

Rayconn has been serving the retail industry since its incorporation in 2004. The initial business model as a trading company gave Rayconn unique insights in bridging the gap between customer's expectation and the unsatisfactory supply chain. In 2007 Rayconn took the plunge into the manufacturing business with a goal to create the best solution to meet up with retail industry's needs for lighting systems that provide impact, ambiance and sustainability while addressing the economic concerns. Through dedication to quality, innovation and reliability, Rayconn has built itself a solid reputation for quality product and quality service.

Core to Rayconn is its customer-centric approach to operational excellence. With a passion for quality and perfection, Rayconn engineers and builds products in-house to the last detail, including the fine-tuned optics that offer precision light distribution and high CBCP, the robust construction that provides full flexibility in terms of rotation, tilt and extraction. Rayconn's products have been developed to provide unmatched intensity, consistency and color rendering for effective exposure of products and merchandise,. Whatever the need, Rayconn can fulfill a solution to reinforce your brand value and accentuate brilliance.
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